WS stands for Walkscapes, an urban and collaborative publishing platform founded in 2016 by Gianni Villa & Wanling Chang and based between Paris & Taipei.


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2018, A4, 64 pages, 20 copies 
Five Wu, Jei Jan, Gianni Villa, Morgane Le Guilloux, Manuel Ortega, Wanling Chang

The 河邊  issue aims to investigate the relationship between the city of Taipei and its lively riversides that encompass it. By highlighting its independence from both the urban fabric and the natural balance, it wishes to present a set of new connections that happen in the gap, between city, nature, infrastructure, and people.


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2016, A4, 88 pages, 20 copies  

Ananay Arango, Florent Hajinazarian, Gabriel Henry, Gianni Villa, Melchior Tersen, Norida Ho, Odonchimeg Davaadorj, Quentin Strauss, Wanling Chang

The PERIF issue is focused on the subject of the ring road and on all the themes it may encompass. Because it involves the question of boundaries, entrances and exits, this constructed limit says as much about the inside and outside of cities as about the means of going beyond them.


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2017, ½ A5, 28 pages, 20 copies
Gianni Villa

“Of all land plants, the palm is the most distinguished” Edred John Henry Corner


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2017, A6, 96 pages, 20 copies
Wanling Chang

Meow meow / woof woof / it’s a sad, sad situation : a book about missing things.


2018    Break Off, Taichung, TW
2017    FRAC PACA, Marseille, FR
2017    Génie d’Alex, Paris, FR

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